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1. The Bootcamp Blueprint

Hey it's Austen,

Preparing Physically for Boot Camp? The Bootcamp Blueprint is available for Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

  • Downloaded by over 2100 future service members since September 2018.

  • Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews and testimonials.

  • Small Diet and Stretching Tips Included in each program.

  • Designed for you to succeed. 100% free.

 2. Weight Loss/Gain Tool

By popular demand


We've added a Free Calorie Calculator to find your starting point for weight loss or gain. Calorie consumption is CRUCIAL to achieving your goals. Start an account, and use the counter as much as you need.

3. Healthy Foods List

The foods contained in this list are foods that have a great ratio of carbs/fats/protein.


These foods can easily be incorporated into any diet, and they are also great for performance and any weight loss/gain goal.


Remember, weight loss/gain all comes down to calorie consumption. You can utilize these foods to build a calorie diet that is consistent with your goals.

More Resources Coming Soon...